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Wonderings in the Fourth Dimension: 2013 Classic Doctor Who DVD Update

BBC Worldwide have given details of some of their DVD releases in the classic series range for next year.
January 7th - The Legacy Box Set Shada and More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS.
(This release will include around three hours worth of brand new extras.)
January 28th - The Reign of Terror.
(Which will include brand new animated versions of the two missing episodes.)
February 18th - The Ark In Space: Special Edition.
March 11th - The Aztecs: Special Edition. 
(The release will also include Air Lock, the recently-recovered third episode of lost story Galaxy 4.)
No details were given for April or May.
June 25th Terror of the Zygons.
June will also see the release of the first (and perhaps only) classic series Blu-ray story, Jon Pertwee’s debut Spearhead from Space – which unlike it’s fellows was recorded all on film due to a BBC strike during its production.
No news yet on the other stories expected next year, including a hopefully fully-colourised The Mind of Evil, the two incomplete black and white stories The Tenth Planet and The Ice Warriors, and a Special Edition of Inferno, nor on the plans for the other recently-recovered lost episode, from The Underwater Menace. Patrick Troughton’s incomplete Cyberman story The Moonbase is also rumoured a re-release.

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